Change Log DVBViewer Pro 6.1.2

Removed: Recording: Writing the EPG data of recordings as NTFS file properties has been dropped.
However, reading file properties on recording data base updates (if there is no EPG information file) is still supported.

Fix: Timer Recordings Window: Timers could not be edited if the channel was excluded by the filter options of the channel list on the left.

Fix: Timer Recordings Window: The timer end time was not displayed if the additional follow-up time exceeded midnight (e.g. 23:55 + 10 minutes).

Fix: Timer Recordings- and EPG-Window: Up/Down buttons in time input fields were displayed too wide if Windows was configured for a large text size.

Fix: EPG Window: The “EPG at...” tab did not respond to time selection (e.g. the Now button) if it displayed search results.

Added: EPG Window: A pipe character '|' between search items is interpreted as a logical OR, which means, a search for Tom|Jim|Joe will yield search
results that contain the name Tom, Jim or Joe. As before blanks between search items are interpreted as logical AND. Thus a search for Tom Jim Joe yields results
that contain all three names. AND and OR can be combined: Tom Jim|Joe yields results that contain Tom and Jim or Joe.

Change/Fix: EPG: New strategy for handling arriving EPG data in relation to already present data that enhances the EPG update behavior.
Additionally potential access violations after EPG data deletion were fixed.

Fix/Change: TV/Radio Options: Channel switching with the mouse wheel (see Options → Input → Mouse) only caused MiniEPG changes if “Browse in MiniEPG” was enabled.
The “Browse in MiniPG” and “Channel plus/minus switching delay” settings are not mutual exclusive anymore, so the latter can be enabled
for channel switching with the mouse even if “Browse in MiniEPG” is enabled for channel switching via keyboard.

DVBViewer Pro 6.1.2